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  LACSON.NET Domain name March 2003
We now have a domain name: LACSON.NET.  If you wish to have your own email address using our new domain (example:  let me know. There is a nominal charge of $5 per year that goes toward the cost of maintaining the domain name and web hosting service.  All mail addressed to your address will be forwarded to your existing email account. Click here to order.

The Bea and Mitch wedding......
Those of you that weren't there missed quite a bash.  I didn't realize that you could fit that many people in a church. Nevertheless, Mitch and Bea were gracious hosts. Bea was a gorgeous bride and Mitch looked pretty good for someone who just signed away his life. Welcome to the club Mitch! Now we can sit in one corner during one of those Lacson reunions and swap marriage stories and lick our wounds.

Back to the wedding, no less than the president was there. Boy, I would have loved to do a couple of tequila shots with Erap and discuss his options vis-a-vis the Chinese naval force in Palawan. Unfortunately, he didn't make it to the reception.

The highlight of the evening, at least from our table's perspective was when cousin Maricris tapped one of the sponsors on the shoulder as he was walking by and said "Waiter...waiter.. where's my coke?"

We need pictures! I would like to post some old family photos here as I think it would make the site a lot better.  I've asked Titas Elena and Odette to help me round up old photos of Abuelito and Abuelita - preferably a wedding picture. Also, if anyone has any old/rare photographs that should be preserved, I recommend you have then scanned before time takes its toll on them.

Lacson Sightings
I'm glad this web page is helping to put us in touch with far-off relatives. Rica recently posted a message on our message did Mark who now has a new family in Los Angeles.......... I also received email from Vittorio Lacson from San Francisco. He is married to Patricia Mulkins of Michigan. He also has two teenage boys Julian and Sean. Vittorio is the half brother of Archie Lacson. His parents were Simeon Rene Lacson and Casilda Gumban. It would be great to see what the Lacson family tree will look like when and if it is ever completed. It was great hearing from you guys!

The Lacson Family Tree
Tita Elena has been working the Lacson family tree. If you haven't submitted information, she needs your name, spouse name, and the name of your kids. Email the information to Rely. Watch for it on this site soon.

Lacson Food
I don't know about you guys, but I always thought the Sunday lunch fare at Urdaneta (now Greenhills) was pretty good. Remember Duray's lamb, lengua, prawns, steak, and killer sans-rival? Not exactly health food, but it was great!

I still remember the smell of Duray's cooking wafting from the kitchen as we entered the house for Christmas lunch. That, and the smell of Lifebuoy soap in the bathroom beside the dining room that Abuelito made sure everyone washed their hands in prior to sitting down. 

Anyway, I was hoping someone would record these recipes down for posterity. Maybe we can convince Duray to conduct a cooking class for our cooks or whomever is interested to learn.

I believe Tita Menchu knew some, if not all of those recipes; although I don't think she had them written down. Ahh, those meals in Canoga Park bring back great memories too.

If anyone happens to have these recipes written down somewhere please email them to this site.

The L Files
We are looking for family stories, anecdotes, etc. that may one day be part of Lacson lore. I  imagine the clan elders have troves of this stuff. Who can forget Tito Manny's story about the family coat-of-arms that might "prove" we were of Irish descent?!? Or the ancestor who sired 20+ kids (Trojans, anyone)? It would be interesting, I think, to compile all these stories and share them with everyone.

If you want to place an announcement here - weddings, birthdays, get togethers, anniversaries, gripes, whatever, send it to me.