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Lacson Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to Lacsons who have distinguished themselves and brought honor (or notoriety) to the family. The accompanying stories/comments are based on interviews with different relatives. Please feel free to make any necessary corrections and or additions. If you know of any Lacson that should be included on this list email me.

General Aniceto Lacson
Mayor Arsenio Lacson
Senator Panifilo Lacson
Rosendo Lacson

The General
General Aniceto Lacson
Aniceto was the commanding general of the Filipino soldiers that controlled the Southern portion of Negros Occidental. The Spanish Governor-General surrendered the city of Bacolod and the rest of the province to Generals Lacson and Juan Araneta (who controlled the Northern forces) on November 6, 1898. Click here to see a copy of the Document of Surrender.


Mayor Aresnio "Arsenic" Lacson

Arguably Manila's best mayor. He is fondly remembered by many of his constituents and is still very highly regarded by political commentators that remember his legacy. I am still frequently asked if I am related to him. I grew up hearing stories about Mayor Lacson when I was much younger but unfortunately can't recall any of them well enough to recount them here.

The one story I do remember is the time he gave advice to my maternal grandmother (Nina Presley of Nina's Papagayo fame) when he heard that her daughter was marrying a Lacson. He simply said: "Don't allow your daughter to marry a Lacson!". Well, she allowed it and the rest is history. Although he must have spoken to my mother-in-law from the grave as she took the advice to heart.

I know there is no shortage of interesting stories about this man. If you know any, please send them to me. I would like to receive a photo of him as well so we can display it here.

Senator Panfilo 'Ping' Lacson As of this writing (March 2003) Ping Lacson is a  work in progress. He gained  national attention in the Philippines when he became the head of a special anti-crime body within the national police force (PAOCTF). Soon after, many bad guys started to met their maker after encounters with the PAOCTF. The result was an appreciable decline in the national crime rate.

He was later appointed as chief of the national police force by President Joseph Estrada. Under Ping's watch there was a significant improvement in the image of the police force. Corruption levels within the force declined and the peace and order situation somewhat improved although there was disagreement on the veracity of the crime statistics. Political events cut his tenure as police chief short as President Estrada was deposed for corruption.

Counted out by many of his critics, he was later elected as a senator - the first Lacson ever to hold a nationally elected position. Controversy followed him however, as he was accused of being involved in criminal activities. Details of his alleged criminal activities were discussed in senate hearings that took on the air of a soap opera. To this date none of the charges have been proven but the cases against him continue. He has since declared his intention to run for president in the 2004 elections.

The loud sentiments of both his supporters and detractors easily make him the most controversial Lacson thus far. Even among the extended Lacson family there is disagreement on whether he is someone to be proud of, or ashamed of.  Regardless, Ping Lacson clearly belongs in the Lacson hall-of-fame

(December 2004 update)
As expected, Ping lacson made a run for the Presidency in the May 2004 elections. Although unsuccessful, he garnered enough votes to make him a future contender.

He remains a senator of the republic. The charges against him remain unproven and he has called (favorable) attention to himself by consistently refusing his allotment of 'pork barrel' funds.

His story is still unfolding.  Stay tuned....

Rosendo Lacson

I do not know anything about Rosendo other than the fact he is the brother of my great-grandfather (Domingo II). When I saw in the family tree that he sired 33 kids, I just knew in my heart he belonged on this list. 

Please send me any information or photos of Rosendo.

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